Arlene Marie Cordoba, a Teamsters Union Attorney

Arlene has been practicing law since her admittance to the California State Bar in 2008. After completing her undergraduate work at University of California Irvine she aggressively attacked her graduate studies at the University of La Verne. After completion and admittance to the State Bar, she gained valuable experience at top law firms in Southern California.

Arlene’s goal is to provide the highest quality of service to all of her clients. Her dedication and commitment to her clients allows her to not only establish quality relationships with her clients but also within her industry. Continued education/training and courtroom experience makes Arlene a valuable asset to anyone’s case.

Arlene is also very proud to be an attorney for the Teamsters Union. She is able to provide the same level of service and professionalism to Teamsters Union members and most often, their legal fees are covered. Since being a Teamsters attorney, Arlene has served many union members and been able to help them through difficult times without having them worry about coming up with fees for services.